Presenting the Art of Zackariah Q Smithe aka Charles Esser

“Historically we are living in a fantastic time, a modern day renaissance on almost every level. Artistically, new materials and genres are changing the way we look at the world and express ourselves in real time. The North Texas art scene is thriving and growing every day as more artists move into the area, bringing with them new ideas and viewpoints. McKinney’s artistic community is a vibrant part of the North Texas art scene, and The Cove plays a major role in our creative community, featuring a different artist every weekend.  I enjoy being a part of it.”

Charles is a poet, playwright, actor, photographer, and philosopher; he is a student of the human condition. He derives his inspiration from experiences, the people, and places that surround him, and the thoughts and emotions that come from interaction. He has absorbed influences and worked in many artistic disciplines.  Along his journey from the Baltimore/Washington corridor, to the ‘quiet corner’ of Connecticut, to a ranch in Parker County, Texas, to McKinney, and many points in-between, he has pumped gas, swung a pick and shovel, and managed an independent book store.  He has scrubbed pots and pans and written a cookbook; worked in an ice cream factory, on injection molding and in computer manufacturing.  He has progressed from stage hand to director, to the lead in a play by Shakespeare, and from film acting to seeing his own works performed live on stage.  His current work at The Cove focuses on abstract photography.

Prints available starting at Twenty dollars.